Telephone System Menu and Tips

It is our goal to efficiently direct your phone call to the appropriate department every time you call us.

You will now have the ability to dial each office directly!

Stone Oak (210) 494-2223

Schertz (210) 566-4777   

New Braunfels (830) 214-6708

Bulverde (210) 499-6400

The menu options are the same for all locations, they are as follows:

1 - Scheduling for new and established patients (Please register online if you have never been seen by one of our doctors.)

2 - Doctors or Hospitals ONLY

3 - Prescription refills or test results

4 - Medical questions for the nurse or wish to leave a message for the doctor

5 - Referrals 

7 - Insurance and Billing, Administration, or Assistance at other locations

8- Medical Records


Telephone Tips:

  • It is NOT necessary to listen to our entire menu system if you already know your party’s extension number or the option you need; you can press it at any time. To reach an extension, dial 6 then the extension.
  • To leave a message for a doctor to return your call, please leave a message on the nurse line.  A nurse may call you first to obtain more information.  Our doctors make every effort to return calls as soon as possible, but sometimes not until the end of the day, so please leave the number at which you can be reached all day.
  • It is difficult for us to return calls to a pager.  If this is the only way you can be reached, please contact a manager, at extension 313 to help you.
  • Due to the new federally mandated privacy regulations, we are prohibited from leaving a detailed message on your voicemail unless your message identifies you by name. You can give us authorization to leave a detailed message by completing that portion of the registration paperwork.
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