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Mouth Guards

What is a mouth guard?

A mouth guard is a device your child can wear in the mouth to protect the teeth during sports. A mouth guard can also act as a shock absorber if your child’s head is hit. Some studies have shown that mouth guards may lower the risk of concussion.

You can buy mouth guards at sporting goods stores.

Are there different types of mouth guards?

The most common type of mouth guard fits around the top teeth. The bottom teeth are protected when the mouth guard overlaps them. Some mouth guards fit over both top and bottom teeth.

Mouth guards come in several sizes. Many mouth guards can be custom fitted. For example, some can be fitted for your child’s mouth by boiling them and then having your child bite into them. Others are fitted by pouring a gel into the guard and then biting into the gel. A mouth guard may also be custom made by your child’s dentist.

When should my child wear a mouth guard?

Your child should always wear a mouth guard when he or she plays in contact sports such as football, lacrosse, hockey, and rugby. Mouth guards are also recommended for other sports such as basketball.

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