Hospital Affiliations

Hospital Affiliations

The ABCD Pediatrics physicians have hospital privileges at the Baptist Healthcare System and the Methodist Healthcare System. One of our physicians makes hospital rounds on newborns each day at North Central Baptist Hospital and Methodist Stone Oak.

Hospitalist Inpatient Care
If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital as an inpatient for an acute illness or specialized care, it is our goal to ensure that he/she received the very best care possible until the illness/condition is resolved. As part of our commitment to this end, we will refer your child to the care of a pediatric hospitalist, who is specifically trained to oversee medical care in a hospital setting, and who will report back to us on a routine basis on your child’s condition.

Each hospital has a number of pediatric hospitalists that we may refer to. Our decision on which physician to use is made on a case-by-case basis, and we take many factors into consideration when making this decision, only one of which is insurance. Each hospitalist or hospitalist group has their own individual business model that will dictate which insurance plans they are in network with. No hospitalist or hospitalist group is in network with all insurance plans. However, since most hospital admissions are made on an emergent basis, we normally do not hear of a problem in getting the claim paid, regardless of which physician we use. Occasionally, however, an insurance plan may deny a claim based on the use of an out-of-network provider. When this happens, we are usually able to help get the claim paid through the appeal process, and in those rare cases when a final denial is received, many of the hospitalists we work with will give our patients a substantial discount on their services.

Please be confident that we have the very best interests of our patients, your children, in mind during every step of this process. It is our goal to get our patient out of crisis and back to a normal and healthy life just as quickly as possible, using the very best resources we have available to us at every step of the way.

Should you experience a problem with your health insurance over a hospitalist claim, please contact our insurance department. We will be happy to help you in any way possible. We thank you in advance for the confidence you have placed in us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding over the last couple of weeks while we have migrated to a new medical records system that will offer a better experience for our patients. Great news! You can now send a NON-URGENT question through our new patient portal and one of our staff members will call you back within 24 business hours.

If your child is sick and needs an appointment right away, on-demand telemedicine visits are still available via KidzDocNow. Your child will be seen by pediatricians that are part of our network. Download the app from your Apple or Android devise or visit