Schedule of Visits

It is very satisfying for us to watch our patients grow and thrive. To ensure your child is growing and developing properly and has no serious abnormalities, we need to see your child at regularly scheduled examinations.

Our exam schedule follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The first visit at our office will take place a few days after your newborn is released from the hospital. At this visit we will evaluate your baby for potential problems that can develop very early in life. Thereafter, well visits should be scheduled as follows:

  • 2 Weeks of Age
  • 2 Months of Age
  • 4 Months of Age
  • 6 Months of Age
  • 9 Months of Age
  • 12 Months of Age
  • 15 Months of Age
  • 18 Months of Age
  • 2 Years of Age
  • 2.5 Years of Age
  • 3 Years of Age
  • 4 Years of Age

After age four, we would like to see your child yearly for a wellness examination.