New Patients

There are three ways to become a new patient:

1. Expecting your first child and want to choose an ABCD Pediatrics pediatrician?

  • Each office sets aside time to have new parents come in prior to delivery and meet with staff and physicians to gain a better understanding of ABCD Pediatrics and allow them to answer any questions you may have about the practice or your baby. Please call the office to schedule a time to come by and visit.
  • Verify that we are in network with your insurance plan.

  • Verify that we see newborns at the hospital where you will be delivering. If we do not, you can still choose us as your pediatrician, but you will be assigned to the hospital’s on-call pediatrician during your hospital stay.
  • Select a doctor and make sure that your selection is listed on your hospital pre-registration paperwork. Depending on which of our locations you wish to be seen in, choose a doctor who sees patients there. This is not a permanent choice. You can change your mind anytime after you have been in and seen a few of us.
  • Once the baby is born, the hospital will contact us and our rounding doctor will visit the baby each day until you are discharged.
  • Once discharged, contact our office and follow the prompts to the scheduling desk (do not follow the prompts for new patients – you are considered an established patient at this point) to schedule your first follow-up visit based on your doctor’s instructions.
  • Your ABCD registration paperwork will be completed at your first office visit.
  • Expecting a baby boy and considering a circumcision? After the birth, ask the hospital to order the circumcision and a doctor will perform this procedure, usually before being discharged from the hospital. If you do not do this at the hospital you can schedule the procedure to be done at our office within the first two weeks of life.

2. New to the area or transferring from another pediatrician’s office?

  • Verify that we are in network with your insurance plan.
  • Please call our office and select the * key to register as a new patient over the phone.
  • Obtain medical records from your previous pediatrician. Contact them for a release form (a signed release will be required) and understand that there may be a charge for the service. Try to have at least an immunization record in hand or sent to us before your first visit with us.
  • Please note: Unfortunately we do not have the ability to see unregistered new patients on a same-day-sick basis.

Have children who are already patients here and expecting another child?

  • Any sibling of an established patient is automatically considered a patient at ABCD Pediatrics.
  • Medicaid and CHIP patients: Our practice is currently accepting new MK and CHIP patients. We are not contracted with Superior Healthplan.
  • Verify that we round on patients at the hospital where you will be delivering.
  • If so, give them the name of your ABCD doctor on the pre-registration paperwork and they will call us when the baby comes.
  • If not, you can see the on-call pediatrician at the hospital and follow-up with us after discharge, or find another pediatrician who does round on newborns at the hospital and that accepts your insurance.